Buffalo, NY and Niagara Falls

I'm going to Las Vegas with some girlfriends this weekend, which means I should probably get my blog on if I want to keep the blog caught up with my life. So here it goes...

After visiting a lot of churchy sights in Palmyra, New York, the Patterfam drove toward Kirtland, OH stopping at some interesting places along the way.

We were semi-close to Niagara Falls along our way, so obviously we had to go there! But before we got to Niagara, we drove through Buffalo, New York--home of the original buffalo wing!!! Which meant we had to eat at the restaurant that supposedly invented the wing in Buffalo.

I'm not a huge fan of wings, but obviously I had to eat some at the restaurant that invented them! So I did. And mid-wing eating, I got a call from Dustin telling me that we got into our 1st choice for residency in Provo, Utah. So I guess Buffalo, New York and buffalo wings have a really special spot in my heart now.
This is Jamie's interpretation of the buffalo wing.

After winging for a while, we continued our journey toward Niagara Falls. It was really pretty, especially in the wintertime because it was kinda frozen. But that also made it suuuuper windy and cold so we didn't last long there. Arizonans and cold don't mix well. I liked Niagrara, but apparently I had made up an unreal depiction of it in my mind's eye. I totally thought all of the waterfalls formed a whole circle that dumped into a big water hole--if that makes any sense. I have no guesses as to where I got that idea, but I feel like I had thought that for a long time. My bad.
I'm tellin' you, it was windy!

Ohhh Canada in the background.

My sisters and I at Niagara (these are a shout out to your creative genius, TV John)

After Niagara falls we headed off to Kirtland, Ohio.


  1. Why don't you just make another blog titled "Jet-Set Jenna" because you NEVER STOP TRAVELING!!! I'm jealous. When are you going to put Hawaii on the itinerary? Just sayin...

  2. You are killing it with your traveling! Even though i lived in NY twice, i never made it to Niagara - but am dying to!

    Cant wait to add this weekend to the list!!!!! aaaaeeeoooooo!

  3. We've always thought Jayne was the funny pattergirl, but Jamie is giving her a run for her money in all these pictures.

  4. you girls are a pack of cute punch! continued amazing trip times, view-finder photos are rad. i used to live in Toronto, so made a few trips to Niagara Falls, kinda tourista and yes lades the winds are nutso. If you get back there, Niagara on the Lake is a beaut of a spot to visit. quaint old town with tons of history and wine country tours. have a wonderful time in Vegas! ♥

  5. 1. Very cute blog! 2. Maybe you got the idea of the falls from pictures of the Canadian side, which is supposedly much cooler.

  6. lol love the view finder pics!! =P

  7. jamie is the bessssssssssssst. but your hair is looking SO GOOD.

  8. Your life is looking pretty exciting lately! I have to agree with you on the buffalo wings... Maybe I'm thinking about it too hard, but I just dont get the appeal. Congratulations on Utah!

  9. love that yellow jacket-so cute! I am super jealous of all your travels! enjoy vegas :)