Welcome To Fabulous, Las Vegas!

This last weekend, a few girlfriends and I decided it was fine time to take a girls trip to Las Vegas. Las Vegas was the destination mostly because it is central to Arizona, Utah, and California (the states we were traveling from), and partly just because it is fabulous Las Vegas.

(Kelsey, Courtney and Nicole)

What would I do without these girls?

I would never know how to use the Venetian spa services without these girls (thank you Courtney). I also would never know that giggling in the sauna is not kosher (thank you Courtney again). And without Courtney, I would never know that leather dresses could look so chic. Or that there are such things as fried Oreos (how can I ever thank you?!).

Without these girls I wouldn't know that pink and print pants are in (I know they are because my fashionista friends were wearing them). I also wouldn't know how to make my hair look cute in a bun (thanks Nicole!).

(proof of printed pants)

(Chelsea, me, and Morgan)

These girls seriously make me want to be a better wife, a better dresser, a better future mom, a better person all around. They are so much fun and so inspiring to be around (cheesy I know, but it is the truth!) They all have done some amazing things, and have made the most beautiful happy lives and some have given me the cutest nieces and nephews on the planet (thanks Nicole and Stacie!)

Between pool and spa days, shopping and fine dining, eating fried Oreos dipped in vanilla milkshakes, and beignets for brunch, or girl talk sleepover nights in the same bed...I feel like a new woman. A new woman just counting down until next year when we do a girls trip again.

(Fried Oreos and Beignets-YUM.)


  1. there are too many good ones to pick a favorite. That green dress you're wearing in a few of these is amazing!

  2. that is so Morgan from Laguna Beach, how random that i recognized her! And I always love your posts and your pictures!

  3. I also learned that giggling in a sauna room, steam room, jacuzzi, herb room, relaxation room, shower, and in bed with 3 other mice-girls** is not kosher.

  4. looks like it was so much fun and beautiful all around!

  5. Its morgan from santa monica!

    i learned so many things too on this trip! the greatest top ever :) (nicole) the greatest amazon find ever (thanks to stacey)the greatest spa ever (court) and how to twitter (jenna/kels/nicole) how to wear deep red lips (chels)

    AND that i NEED all my friends to live close to me!!!!

  6. it kills me how adorable and fashionable you all are.

  7. you girls are so fab! looks like you guys had so much fun.. count me in on the next trip, please!

  8. Fun friends. You're all beautiful.

  9. you and your friends are so pretty. I love looking at these photos! ( I mean that in the most non-creepy way possible)

  10. You girls, always so glam. I love it!

  11. we all need girls trip therapy. you girls just do it a little more fancy than the rest of us. BEAUTIFUL!!