Guess who is ditching medical school graduation in order to take a trip to Reykjavik, Iceland at the end of May? The Roberts are! And we can't wait.
After looking over Dustin's schedule for the intern year (first year) of residency, I cried (he is going to be busy). So obviously we decided that we had better go to Iceland.

We are so excited to ride "five-gaited" Icelandic horses on glaciers and volcanoes while wearing Icelandic sweaters that were probably made my Jónsi's mom.
I can't wait to hang out at Bjork's island house (okay the fact that it's hers is debatable) and soak my body in the healing waters of the Blue Lagoon.
I am so excited to sleep in grass roofed houses and whale watch with Sigur Ros.
Dustin and I have been pretty interested in going to Iceland for a while. It's just one of those places that you will never go to unless you decide that you are going to go there (which kind of makes no sense). It's not really close to anything else, and I don't know of any jobs that require a visit to Iceland. Which kinda makes it that much more magical. Plus it's on my bucket list so I can cross that one off now.

Land of fire and ice, get ready, cause we are coming!

And if any of you have any advice at all about traveling Iceland or places to go in Iceland, please do tell, because we really don't know what we are doing.

PS: Watch these videos, they'll make you want to go to Iceland too.

DISCLAIMER on this video below, there may or may not be naked buns (there are) at 1:13-1:19 so skip that if you want to keep it G-rated.


  1. holy smokes! this looks AMAZING!!!!! seriously! ah! what the! jealous! wow! love you! Please buy lots of furry things!

  2. This looks like such a blast! What a great vacation picks! You truly made iceland look more than appealing! You guys will have a blast! Wahoo!

  3. So pretty! A job that will take you there is the military, they have a US air force base in Keflavik.

  4. shut your mouth! ( i mean that in the nicest possible sense!)

    we've been DYING to go to ICELAND! especially because of sigur ros. lucky.lucky.lucky!

    and so happy for you! :)

  5. living the dream. remember how i have a poster signed by jonsi? that's the closest i'll ever get to iceland.

  6. I already wanna go to Iceland. I am so, so jealous! What an awesome adventure, can't wait to hear more...

  7. like I said..."Jet-Set Jenna" will you just do it already??! Draft up a travel blog, make videos, attract sponsors and make millions!

    Iceland looks dreamy, sounds horrible to any Arizonan, naturally, but it really is gorgeous!

  8. Holy cow that's awesome! Jealous!

  9. This may seem a little dramatic, but i'm seriously crying. Actual tears are streaming down my face. Sad and happy ones. Sad that it's not ME that's going. My heart positively ACHES to visit Iceland. I'm 9,000% sure it would make my life complete to even fly over Iceland, let alone walk on it's holy ground. Happy tears for you that you get to live out one of your dreams. I can talk no further on this subject. I must go watch Heima. NOW!

  10. ahhh im sooo jealous! jeremy and i always talk about iceland, i want to go sooooo bad!!!!!! have sooo much fun, when do you leave?

  11. oh my goooodness! so so so exciting.

  12. Take WARM clothes with you. Friends of mine have been there during "summer" and they've worn ALL of their clothes they've taken with them each day.


  13. Loved that video, it made me research iceland for months! So jealous that you two are going, but excited for you!

  14. WHAT?! I am so jealous! Can't wait to see all your pics!

  15. holy cow iceland looks amazing! it looks like you will have so much fun!!
    can't wait to see pics.
    so glad that i found your blog.
    new follower.


  16. Stop it. I'm so envious I can't even stand it! I'll be here in Provo being a housewife and mom. Wiping Cole's poopy butt and cooking spaghetti while you're THERE!

    Have fun!

    Really though, I'm SUPER excited for you!

  17. how incredible! totally worth ditching out on one of the biggest days of a mans life.

  18. i just stumbled onto your blog and wanted to tell you that you made the best decision of your life by planning a trip to iceland!! i went in sept 09 with husband and we had the time of our lives, seriously.
    my advice would be rent a car, get a lonely planet book, get sturdy hiking shoes and plan to just wander around the odd land. we drove the golden circle east from reyk to hofn, and every part was beautiful. and you HAVE to go to blue lagoon. the icelanders make fun of people who go and think its a huge tourist trap, but it was probably the most relaxing thing i've ever done + you get to strip down in the communal shower with a bunch of crazy europeans.
    there are some beautiful hikes where you can bathe in natural springs. definitely bring some warm clothes because you will still be in the shoulder season i think.
    anyway i've rambled on for long enough now, but gosh i could talk about iceland for days!