Kirtland, Ohio

I have one more part of the trip to blog after this, and then I have the Allen Family Vacation covered! You can read about other parts of our trip here, here, here, and here!

I'm not going to lie, out of the whole trip, Kirtland, Ohio was the part I was looking forward to most (well that and NYC).
(the walls of the Newel K. Whitney store match my pants!)

(The John Johnson Inn)

I can thank Susan Easton Black (my idol) for that, as well as my girl Chelsea, who served her mission there and loved it. After taking Susan Black's LDS History class at BYU, and learning things about the LDS church I had never heard before, I was so fascinated by the events that happened in Kirtland and was thrilled to be having the opportunity to be seeing things like the Kirtland Temple firsthand.

(the fam at the Newel K. Whitney Store)

The Kirtland Temple was the first temple ever constructed by the Mormon church. The Mormon Pioneers spent hours diligently working on building the temple. Along with time, they also sacrificed a great amount of money in order to get the temple built. Mind you, they were as poor as can be.

(me and sisters at the Kirtland Temple)

You know those old biblical stories about Moses parting the Red Sea or Noah and his ark? That's the kind of stuff that happened at/in the Nauvoo Temple. The stuff that seems completely fictional if you don't believe in that kinda stuff (which I do). And that is why I was totally excited to see where it all happened.

(fam at Kirtland Temple)

Currently the Kirtland Temple isn't owned by the LDS church, but by the Community of Christ church (formerly RLDS). Because they are owners of it, they also give $3 tours of the Nauvoo Temple. Best three dollars spent.

(Kirtland Temple)

We also got to see the John Johnson Farm, and some other historic LDS sights. I loved Kirtland. Ohio was beautiful. Especially in the Amish country, which we spent a day at. You'll see why when I post those pictures. Oh and before we left the John Johnson Farm, we went to a maple syrup farm. The trees are tapped for syrup all around the area. It was pretty amazing.

(John Johnson Farm)


  1. we are going to be living so close to kirtland. so happy you love it. it makes me excited :) you're so cute !

  2. p.s i was accidently on my husbands google account. its joslyn :)

  3. AHHHHHHH!!!! Finally!!!!! I love it! I wish I was there with you! I love this, I love you, I love your family and I love kirtland!

  4. Looks like a beautiful town! And your photos are great, as always.

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  5. Love the pictures. My family is all grown up:) What a great trip.

  6. i like those walls, and your matching pants. also your whole family is darling.