In The Month of May

I haven't blogged in almost a whole month. My bad! May is a notoriously busy month, isn't it? Now it's time to play catch up.

(hammock time at the cabin)

Dustin and I spent a ridiculously relaxing weekend at the cabin for our anniversary, filled with chocolate pies, hammock reading time, and we even managed to get a bike ride in. It was glorious and Dustin even managed to whip up breakfast for me the morning of our anniversary. Best husband ever.

(Dustin's present to himself)

(the best present ever, thanks D. Love Tina!)

A while back, Dustin and I got the chance to knock a few things off of our Phoenix bucket list. We hiked Camelback (sort of). I threw up four times during that hike. I kid you not when I say that elder persons, children, and tiny chihuahuas were passing me up like it ain't no thang. Camelback is not for the faint of heart. Did I mention that at certain points you have to use a RAIL so you don't fall down the mountain? Truth.

(don't let the smile fool you, I was dying inside)

(And we made it! Top of Camelback)

After the throwing up subsided, and I made it off Camelback mountain alive, we were fortunate enough to score some Broadway tickets at Gammage Theatre in Tempe. We both love a good Broadway show. We saw Fiddler on the Roof one night, which was good, but wasn't as good as I had anticipated, I'll be honest. We also saw Billy Elliot a week ago, which was incredible, but I wouldn't recommend it to everyone. It was really probably one of the best, if not the best show I have ever seen.

We also have made it to Pane Bianco a few times in the last month, so I guess I can check that one off as well. And my, it lives up to it's hype. Those sandwiches will be missed on the Wasatch Front.

(A pane sandwich to-go)

Mother's Day was celebrated with Terry far away, and little Leslie here in Gilbert. Gosh, I sure love these women.
(little Leslie, when she was well, little)

A lot of packing has been going on in the Robert home, which is equal parts cleansing and bitter-sweet. So excited to be spending summer and fall in Utah. So thankful I got back into BYU, got a partial scholarship (yes!), and have finally decided that I want to go the graphic design route for my major. It feels so right (even though it's uber-competitive and there is no guarantee I will be getting in, might as well hope?). After months of pretending that I didn't care if I graduated college, I finally decided it is pretty much a must for me. Life-long goals don't go away as easily as I had anticipated. I feel really lucky that everything has worked out the way it has and I get to go back to school.

Regardless, leaving Arizona is pretty hard. How am I supposed to pack up and leave again? How will I survive without my little Leslie (mom) to steal left overs from on a weekly basis? What are we going to do without the Lang family? Not to mention that life without my Brinley (and the entire Lowry family for that matter) for three whole years should be an outright federal offense. Don't even get me started on not living close to the Prince family.

(Brinley being cute, per her usual state)

These are thoughts I generally try to avoid because I know it will make me cry real tears. Life will be rough in Utah without them, but again, luckily for me, I also have my Utah girls and I'm so excited to be living by them once again.

Tonight me and two of my J. Crew work friends had dinner at a new little restaurant in Phoenix called Windsor, it was nice to get together with them one last time officially. But I hate to be leaving all of these people I love and adore. It is making me realize how many goodbyes I will be saying in the next 10 days and it isn't something I'm necessarily looking forward to.

(Mindy, me, and Meagan)

Until then, it's crazy packing, leaving in 10 days, taking off for Iceland in 12 (can't wait!), and then residency starts. My husband is almost a REAL LIFE DOCTOR? Say what?!

(our disaster-zone house)


  1. I'm so happy that you had time to blog! I'm trying to get back into it, myself. My life has been changing at lightning speed. I also moved... AND I'm going back to school, too. Good luck with packing up your Arizona life. : )

  2. Stay in Arizona as long as possible! It's so cold here! It won't stop raining! And iceland?? Jealous!

  3. i know i'm super selfish, but i cannot wait to have you up here with me! i need more of you in my life! while i'm down this week we should go to some of those cute restaurants!

  4. blogging about moving is almost as bad as talking about moving.

  5. Yeah, it's good to see you blog. Maybe I should follow your example. We are thrilled you are heading our way! xox

  6. Jenna! Yesss! I am sure it's got to be hard moving away from close friends and family but I can't wait to have you in Utah. We must see each other!! Trevor has two years left of school so we will be here for a while. Good luck moving!