it's hard to be humble when you're stuntin' on a jumbotron

I'm in the process of getting all of our Iceland pictures together for some blog posts (hopefully I'll get one up today), but before I do that, I need to give a shout out to my boy, Dr. Dustin Robert, who is seriously so official now it's insane.

I know that he is probably so over me going off about how he's a doc now. I just am so proud of him. I know how hard he has worked to get to this point: 4 years college, summers of research, MCAT, two rounds of boards, 4 years med school--I think he has spent 1/2 of his life studying at this point. (too bad the fun isn't over until after 3 more years of residency--it never ends!)

He officially started at the Utah Valley Hospital this last Monday. He has a badge and everything! And scrubs that say "Dr. Robert" on them! We even got his diploma in the mail (we missed graduation due to Iceland). It's a pretty fun time.

(Dustin on his first day of work)

I think we kinda feel like we are playing house at this point. July 1st is when he officially starts seeing patients (he is in the middle of orientation right now), it's pretty crazy. I'm so thankful that Dustin is such a hard worker, but not only that, he plays just as hard and pretty much always comes home happy despite the stress he is under. That is real talent.

Congrats Doctor Robert!


  1. "Mama, there goes that man." Well done brother.

  2. that's quite an accomplishment, can't imagine the amount of work. kudos. what is his concentration?

  3. Way to go! That is seriously incredible. Looks like you have one smart husband. I hope I get to see you soon in Utah!

  4. Congrats Dustin! Thats so exciting. Looking forward to reading about Iceland

  5. Congrats Dusty Green- we're proud of ya boy!

  6. Doesn't seem real, "but...I have this slight pain somewhere around under my left radius. Is it Lupus?"
    : >
    So proud of you baby! xoxo