JFK to Iceland (Part 1)

After a short red eye flight out of Salt Lake City, Dustin and I arrived in New York bright and early, and ready to party. On the docket? Meet up with one of Dustin's friends, Andrea, and then go to the Alexander McQueen exhibit: Savage Beauty at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Side note: might I add that I have never been to New York mid-summer, but oh man, people aren't joking when they say the east coast gets hot. Arizona heat>New York heat, no contest.

After walking everywhere (typical New York style) we finally met up with Andrea and enjoyed ourselves some Alexander McQueen, it was wild! And we loved it. Totally inspiring.

And since we were in New York, we had to go to Shake Shack at Madison Square Park (a Dustin favorite).

Soon after that, we said our goodbyes to Andrea and headed to the airport to board our flight to Reykjavik, Iceland. Shortly after arriving to the airport, we noticed a balloon arch by our gate..it turns out that it was Delta's first flight straight to Reykjavik from JFK. Maybe that should be a disclaimer when you buy tickets on a flight under the category of "first flight". Nonetheless, we couldn't be too mad because they suddenly pulled out a ribbon and oversized scissors to cut it with. A true celebration! Who isn't a sucker for that kinda stuff? Over sized scissors? How cliche can you get? I love it!

Our arrival to Reykjavik came bright and early, and without incident. They didn't get lost on the way there, despite the first flight status. We got our rental car (which was the cutest car ever) and headed to the house we were to stay at.

Dustin found this rental online. It was outside of the city, and in some Icelandic family's upstairs of their house. Oh my gosh, Icelanders are totally so much more stylish than us. We pulled up to this ultra-modern home made of some type of metal and entered a room decked out in beautiful clean lines and space-saving techniques. I loved it! Plus, it was right next to the President's house (as in president of Iceland), but we will get to that later. Because first we need to go to the Blue Lagoon.

The Blue Lagoon is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Iceland. It's basically a geothermal spa with the most beautiful color of water you could ever imagine. It actually happens to be my favorite color in the world, I'm constantly drawn to things that color of blue (see my wedding ring). It's HUGE! It has also been known to have healing powers, even the silica mud in the pool can be used as a face mask. Dustin and I lounged there for about five hours before we finally got out.

Later that day, we drove into Reykjavik, which is such an amazing city. The houses are so incredible, it was so refreshing not seeing the same old house over and over again. These people paint their roofs all types of colors! And most of them are made out of some type of aluminum/metal (I'm not sure). It makes for the cleanest most refreshing look. I'm obsessed, and one day, I hope to build a house in a similar style.

On another side-note, the Icelandic Taco Bell is the most amazing thing I have ever tasted. You know how when you go out of the country you see a McDonalds and although you'd never really eat there at home you eat there out of the country and it is AMAZING? Well Taco Bell took that to a whole new level in Iceland. Seriously the best meal ever.

Here are more shots from around Reykjavik, we seriously spent the entire day just roaming the streets. There is so much to see!

Harpa concert hall

inside Harpa

The Hallgrímskirkja Church.

Iceland has some of the best water I have ever tasted, straight from the tap.

That enormous pencil was suspended from the ceiling. Iceland has some amazing street art.

Well, that sums up day one. SO many pictures to come. Get ready.


  1. Did you photoshop Dustin's pecs? They look HUGE! Or perhaps a biproduct of those "healing powers?"

  2. YAY! Can't wait to see the rest. Everything looks awesome! And cold.

  3. Been dyin for these. Amazing as expected. You are the beautifulest of beauties! Love you. See you soon.

  4. GORGEOUS! (i'm talkin bout you and the land.) you guys are living the dream.

  5. Wow! Fabulously beautiful! Can't wait to see more. (:

  6. oh my! i'm so stoked you did this trip! i'm totally taking mental notes for when we go (see: someday)

    you look gorgeous in all of these too! again, amazed at your ability to look so great while traveling!

  7. I want a blue roof. Maybe we should be neighbors. Your sure that blackfoot, Idaho isn't in the plans. I mean white houses, bright yellow doors, blue roofs...come on...what da' ya say. Pretty Please?

  8. amaaaazing! i can't wait for what's to come. it's so beautiful there.

  9. ah, i want to go to iceland so bad. i'm jealous.

  10. You're beautiful, Jen.

    Fun pictures--I can't wait to see more!

  11. when we were in europe in a hostel, i saw the 2 most stylish, cute, girls i had ever seen, naturally i wanted to be their friend so i asked where they were from...ICELAND! I then thought I NEED to go there. These pics seal the deal!

  12. okay, iceland is MY kind of place! the picture of the houses with the rooftops.....Gorgeous. every building, sculpture, artwork is amazing. Thanks for sharing (why can't orem look like that?!)

  13. oh major envy! what an amazing trip! i am so jealous, i love nyc (and esp. shake shack!) and i would love to visit iceland!


  14. oh my... iceland looks so amazing. that house rental is stunning. as are you! seriously, how do you look so gorgeous and fashionable while traveling? and i love your bathing suit.

  15. Loved every pic, Jen. Looks like you guys made your trip count! Look forward to seeing the rest.

  16. WOW! These pictures are amazing. I now want my next vacation to be to Iceland!

    You and Dustin are just adorable!