Tallinn, Estonia

While in Finland, Dustin and I decided we may as well use a day of travel over in Estonia. To be honest- when we got to Helsinki I second guessed our decision to spend a whole precious day in Estonia. I didn't know much about it, and I pictured it as some Medieval land, although, I admit, I did like the idea of being so close to Russia. We decided to stick with our plan, and I'm so glad we did.

(boat ride over)

Tallinn was incredible! Yeah, there were absolutely touristy areas, as well as men dressed up in chain linked armor pretending to be from Medieval days (tourists love that stuff, for obvious reasons), but the city itself was so beautiful.

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First stop, Old Town Tallinn: 14th and 15th century architecture, medieval walls, lined with charming cobblestone streets or "weird rocky roads" as I heard one American teen call them. (awesome)

(Tallinn town hall)

St. Olaf's Church:
This church was built in 1250, but I think most tourists come here to climb up its steep and windy stone stairs in order to reach the impressive view at the top.

It wasn't an easy climb up- 234 steep uneven stone stairs and a narrow passage, with no windows to look through the entire way to the top. What makes it even worse is that you can't tell when the stairs will end, because directly above you are the bottoms of the next stone stairs you're going to climb. It was kind of crazy, but so worth the views.

(the stairs: c/o google images)

(at the top)

(the city from above)

(love those rooftops)

(another view of the city from a hill)

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral: Russian Orthodox Church built in 1900. I was really excited to see this building, like I had mentioned before-I like the idea of Russia, and it was totally Russian. I mean look at those domes.

After we did all we wanted to do in the main area of the town, we walked a ways toward the Toompea Castle and the Kumu Art Museum. It rained the whole way, but Dustin didn't let that get him down:

(so green and scenic!)

Kumu Art Museum: this building alone was worth the walk all the way from the city center in the pouring rain (without an umbrella). I just died over the architecture and the incredible windows.

And our last stop for the day was Toompea Castle:

Who doesn't love a pink castle? Estonia, we love you.


  1. Awww Jen, such SWEET photos!!! I LOVE your glasses and the new header is sooo FAB!!! <3

  2. Love the sites and fashions of Jenna and the Doc!

  3. okay, can we first talk about how beautiful you are! simply gorgeous! and this whole place is magical! i really must visit this place! going on my bucketlist ;)
    xo TJ