Bachelor Of Fine Design ;)

I probably only told a few people (outside of my BYU graphic design friends) that I was applying for the BFA Graphic Design program at BYU. So, to fill in those of you want to know updates about my school endeavors (Grandma and Grandpa, Mom and Dad), this ones for you:

I got my portfolio together, applied to get into the BFA Graphic Design Program, and was lucky enough to be one of the few who get in every year! Such a great feeling knowing that some of my hard work has paid off and my professors seem to see some promise in me.

Here are a few iPhone snapshots from the day of the portfolio review (where all the professors go into the room and decide who makes it into the BFA).

It is such a great design program. Students that go through the program come out with great jobs and beautiful portfolios. Some previous alumni have even likened the program to a law-school type experience with the sleepless nights, the endless work load, and the great deal you learn during the whole process.

I am pretty excited to start the semester off with a full load of wonderful design classes taught by a few top notch professors that know their stuff.

Here goes nothin'...cheers to sleepless nights!

Also, for those of you are interested in what I am doing or what graphic design is in general here is a great explanation from BYU's website:

Graphic design as a discipline holds a rather unique and fascinating position in the world of aesthetic creation and study. As a tool to convey information to a mass audience, it is praised for its ability to clarify, educate, direct, and beautify; as an artistic medium, it is attractive because it holds possibilities for the student to manipulate a world of images, signs, and structures. Graphic design is responsible for informing the everyday object or common piece of information with a visual consciousness, for enlightening the mind of its audience, and for dismantling the usual social barriers that often prohibit an aesthetic experience in the everyday.
Books, magazines, posters, billboards, films, Web sites, product packaging etc., are the objects of the everyday, and as they are designed with artistic consideration, a complex identity and thought process begins to emerge and resonate within the consumer. A meaningful experience with the object, attained through thoughtful design, lay at the heart of the graphic design program.
In order for students to learn the concepts and skills required to achieve such an experience in their design, they are introduced to a healthy source of ideas and questions that expand their minds to analyze, research, and organize information. These creative thinking skills are then challenged and strengthened by giving students assignments that are geared toward an outcome at the professional level. Magazines, books, corporate identity, posters, motion graphics, and logos all result as creative solutions to complex communication problems that are identified and discussed in each course.
Instructors, who themselves are prominent designers in the area, easily relate the professional experience to students in the classroom and offer invaluable insight on all aspects of the industry. To enhance the learning environment and to open further opportunity for students, visiting artists are brought in to discuss their work and successes in the field and to give advice and encouragement to students striving to achieve a professional level of work. 


  1. Congrats!! Love your new header too!

  2. Way to go Jenna!! That is so exciting! We are so happy for you, you deserve it!!!

  3. awesome news. you are climbing the ladder even higher. keep making beautiful work.

  4. Wow, Jenna congrats! Your portfolio is breath taking!

  5. Oh my gosh CONGRATS! You are freaking amazing and I want to be you in my avatar life ok?
    Not to mention I'm obsessed with everything you've ever graphically designed.

  6. Ok woops that's from Meagan (Young) not Max. Although he may also want to be you as an avatar...

  7. Congrats! What an amazing experience you will have :)