Le Blog Is Back-ish

After a long hiatus, I'm back! I have about two years of photos and memories to publish.

I need to write about Istanbul and Amsterdam, Graduating college and my internship this summer with Martha Stewart, last years summer adventures to Scandinavia, Yellowstone, and everything in between. Lately I've been going through old photos trying to get them printed and organized within photobooks, in between all of that I have been looking at old blog posts for reference to trips and the life I've documented.

The time just slips away so fast. I've got to get it all down before I forget the little details that make life such a magical thing (yes, magical). Reflecting back makes me realize how lucky I truly am, I have done what I wanted to do, I'm married to the doc of my dreams, I have a roof over my head and a family who I am lucky to call my own.

Without further ado, the documenting starts now. Future self, this is for you ;)

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