Last week I got the chance to go to Istanbul and Amsterdam, it was incredible. Traveling gives me that extra pep in my step, it makes me feel alive! It gives you the sense that we are all so small and anonymous, it makes you realize how huge the world is and how unimportant you are. We are just a tiny piece of this big world. It's so refreshing, especially while living in Utah.

Amsterdam was incredible. I knew I'd like it, but it's honestly on my top 5 now. It has a charm that would woo anybody's 50-something mother, yet has a cool factor to it that makes you wish you were a born and bred Dutchie.

Now about those Dutchies, they speak perfect English (which I had anticipated), they are such an attractive people, annnnd I have never felt shorter in my life. Being 5'9" I'm used to towering over the general population. I get to Amsterdam and lo and behold, I find myself looking up at people. It was the strangest experience for me.

The Dutch know how to live. Families just out riding their bikes in Amsterdam as their mode of transportation, kids seemed especially happy. Think about it, they are outdoor so much of the day, the stimulation from riding on the front of your dad's bike? It's heaven! Now I'm working on scheming my way into Amsterdam for a year. With Dustin's job as a doc, it could be tricky, but I could see myself living there for a year or two in a heartbeat. I loved every minute of my time in Amsterdam.

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  1. I love Amsterdam, it's so beautiful city! I've been many times for work, but I would like to travelthere for fun. I'm waiting your story about Istanbul, I'm planning to go there next month to see my family, I haven't been there for 20 years!! Exciting!